In the dead of night so much becomes abundantly clear, no one or no thing has power over us. We are the master of our fate and the captains of our soul.

The hardest thing about this immutable truth is accepting and believing it. External forces, logic, desires its undoing, when people don’t have faith its easier to wield control over them.

The power of belief is more than we’ve given it credit. Having unwavering faith that all is balanced and is always leading you forward cam pose difficult but the other option is disbelief. Why choose a darker path that leads to nothing, when something has always been the better option.

Love feels so much better than hate, optimism feels so much better than realism.

After all, what's real is what we perceive and believe, so, why not have faith that in time all our heart's desire will manifest, that all the tears will trail to a life we’d always hoped for.

I was told the difference between our dreams as children, and our dreams as adults are as children we never allowed doubt to dictate our outcome. We can accomplish anything, and that's not a tale, its a fact.

What you succeed at is up to you, all you have to do it is think it, then act.

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